Memperbaiki kerusakan XP

How To Do a Repair Install of XP

Make sure the BIOS is set to boot from the CD (put the CD above the HDd in the boot order)

Insert the XP CD and boot to it

When you see “To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER”, go ahead and press ENTER

You will now see an option to repair Windows by pressing “R”. Do not select this option
it will only take you to the Recovery Console which is not what we want to do. Instead, choose to continue the installation

When you see the license agreement, press F8 to agree

On the next screen make sure your current XP partition is selected and then press “R” to repair XP

At this point XP will begin to install on top of itself, replacing damaged, missing or altered system files.

Follow the instructions on the remaining screens to complete the Repair Install. It will look very much like a normal (new) OS installation.

Remember, choose the second repair option, not the first

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